by Furism

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Can't believe I was the first to come up with this pun


released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: GrindrCore
Single again and I ain’t slowing town
Gonna apply myself before I hit the town
Dressed to undress, no plans of being alone
Feeling’ the vibe in my pockets and boys be blowing up my phone

All shapes and sizes coming’ at me at my fingertips
Scales, feathers, fur, skin, for whatever mood I’m in
One day I’ll wear a ring, but until then let’s have fun with this thing

No matter how many you got on your body
Someone out there is gonna want your digits
Tentacles, hooves, wings, whatever you got, you flaunt it
Romance in the age of the world wide web

All my single furries out there grind along!
Track Name: Gay Furry Grindcore Orgy
Shake a tail feather baby
Show em you’re a dirty bird

Clothes off
Blast beats
Snares are rushing
Guitars crushing
Bodies sweaty
Floor is sticky
It’s getting hot in here
10 minutes until the next band
Just enough time to get it up again

Bump n grind
Make it dirty
Fucking in the mosh pit
Fur and feathers
Scales and skin
Gay furry grindcore orgy
Track Name: Banana Cream Fiend
You can act out pleasure, but you can’t fake cum
I’m begging down on my knees for you to give me some

How many licks does it take, to get to the good stuff?
It doesn’t matter, Mr. Owl, cuz I can’t get enough

I got a sweet tooth, so gimme your banana cream
Track Name: T. Sex
Jurassic park that ass right here
Cold blooded they say, but I can feel your heat rising
Back it up, you scaly fiend
Tyrannosaurus sex

Top or bottom, you’re the apex predator
Clever as they come
When you’re done the first time, I’ll resurrect that cock
The magic never goes extinct
Track Name: Gay Anal Sex Is Awesome
Gay anal sex is awesome
Track Name: Dat Full Moon

There’s a full moon rising, baby
and it’s all for you

They told me to beware the moors
because I’ll keep on coming back for more
Part human, all sexy beast

Werewolf cock will be my silver bullet
Doggy styling, fire away
Track Name: Being Unfaithful To Your Man Is Gay
Speckled big cat, but don’t call me a cheat-a
Foolin’ around on my man ain’t my ball of yarn
Fuck that litter

Being unfaithful to your mate is gay
Track Name: Semen And Sea Men
It’s not about the size of the bait
But how you wiggle your worm
Even light tackle can bring in the big fish

Rough skin, baby, but I’ll be sweetest shark attack
Hemipenis keep you anchored here in deep water
Sailor of the ocean, I know you love sea men
Let’s rock the boat and I won’t bite unless you want me too
Track Name: 50 Shades Of Canis Lupus
Sorry, but I can’t get to the phone
I got my hands all tied up right now
However you want me baby
I ain’t going anywhere

50 shades of canis lupus
This gagging isn’t from poor literature
Poetry in restricted motion

Cuff me to the bed
Put a blindfold on my head
I can see exactly what you want from me

Dominate me any way you please
Pull my muzzle in close while I’m down on my knees
Bring a friend along if you’re feeling spicy
and make me into a sub sandwich

I can’t quite say “no strings attached”
But believe me when I say
We’re both bound to have a good time
Track Name: Pitch Bent Growlr
Please, by all means
Feed the bears

Woof! Grr!
I love it when you talk dirty to me

Hey honey, I got something sticky for ya
Sweet and thick, I’m just be(e)ing myself

Let’s head back to the cave
Fuck hibernation and fuck me instead
Track Name: Butte Rock
Curly horned stud
Go ahead and ram it in

Push it harder, wimp!
You’re not as horny as you look, huh?
I’ll stop talking, let’s keep yiffing
I’m just trying to get your goat