Knot Your Boyfriend

by Furism

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Now with 69% more puns. Business card CDR through Nog Records.


released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: Fire Breather Burning Wood
Smooth and slick
I wanna feel your scales against me
Straddled with a stiff one
You know I like those ridges
C’mon, you dragon man
You can light my fire any day
Rub that cock against mine
Use those scaley hands
Get it dripping, get it tight
I’m all yours do to with as you like
Track Name: Lionsexyman
The mane attraction
Sticky, cum covered, barbed phallus
Be my lion king, baby
Track Name: RXW Reprise
Giddy yup, giddy yup
Ride it all night long

Swing those sexy hips around
clinch it tight and work it, baby
Take it all, you know you got it
Moan a little louder for me
Pull on my feathers if you like
Bite me when you get the chance
Aim it right for my face, wolf man

Flip me over on my stomach
Oh, you know I like it rough
Manhandle this bird like you want to
This never gets old, I swear
Track Name: What Does The Fox REALLY Say? (Let's Get Yiffy)
Oh, yeah, that’s it right there

Thrust harder
Harder, harder, harder
Slide it in and out and in and out

I’m wrapping my legs around your hips
Get in a little closer and give me a kiss
I want all that tongue, you naughty fox

Keep it close, keep it rough
Give it all to me
Let’s get fucking yiffy!
Track Name: Salty, Wet, And Deep
Sex on the beach is fucking sandy
But damn does it feel good
Licking on that knotty cocksickle in the ocean spray
You’ve got a full mast, but I’m a tsunami, baby
Take it all into my warm maw
Gagging a bit, but that’s how I like it
Saltier than the briny deep
Track Name: Knot Your Boyfriend
Backing up
Give it to me
Backing up
I need it

Legs are open
I’m all ready
Knot your boyfriend, hot stuff

Hands on my hips
Get that tail going
trembling from pleasure
I feel myself close around it
Slowly in and out again
Stroking and moaning while you cum inside
White hot eruption and I need to catch my breath