by Furism

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Yiff yiff, motherfuckers


released December 7, 2014



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: RXW Scene 1
Lurching over the raven
The wolf’s mighty body
The bed begins to creak
Gentle nuzzling gives way to licking
Down the neck, across the chest
Fur rubbing against feathers
Firm bodies gliding against each other
Warm wetness of his tongue against the raven’s cock
Stiffening, a sigh
Only a taste for the moment
Craving for more
Track Name: RXW Scene 2
A mischievous, lupine grin
The raven opens his legs
Muzzle pressed against his anus
Rabid tongue lashing against the opening
Slow working of the muscle inside
Moaning makes the wolf dig deeper
The raven wraps his legs around the wolf’s shoulders
Sex hangs thick in the air
Waving faster, the wolf’s tail as the tongue ventures deeper
The bed shaking, the raven’s stiff cock rocking in rhythm
He is prepared
He is wanting
Track Name: RXW Scene 3
"Give it to me, wolfboy!”
withdrawing and towering over the raven’s body
The wolf looks down upon his prey
His hands grasp the birds sides
Now, he’s on his stomach
Pushing the tail aside
Stretched and ready
The raven takes it in
Throbbing, warm wolfcock
Back and forth like a piston
Moist warmth of his insides
Sweet panting and groans
The muffled impact of crotch against ass
Leaking fluids
Body against body
Grasping sheets
Feral growling
Working side to side
Taking the knot
Track Name: RXW Scene 4
Molten white fills the oriface
The little death overtaking the wolf
But for only a moment
Leaning down to run his tongue across the panting raven
Breathing down his shoulders
“This isn’t over”
Onto his back once more, facing his partner poised above him
A kiss bathed in silver moonlight
Tongues reaching and dancing together
But they hunger for meat
The raven taught and leaking
The wolf reinvigorated
Pivoting positions to 69
They feast
Track Name: RXW Scene 5
Working it in
Lick the shaft
Take it all
Taste every groove
Lick the tip
Semen flowing
Suck and savor
Reciprocal cock worship
Undulating, sexual mass
The beast with two backs
Ravenous, hell bent on swallowing it all
Relentless tongues, bodies moving against each other
Deep throat spiritual
Track Name: RXW Scene 6
Bucking, thrashing, facefucking
Licking, sucking, moans of ecstasy
Salty taste of seed begins
Bed is shaking, cocks are throbbing
Tension hits a fever pitch
Taught phalluses risen in hunger
Warm, wet maws; their cages of pleasure
Tension gives
White eruption into each other
Swallowing and licking off every drop
Such sweet nectar of affection
Spent, exhausted
repositioned in embrace
The wolf’s cock resting against the raven’s ass
A hand around his body and another in his crotch
The bird cradled and safe
Sleep came over the lovers
Side by side