Sloppy Seconds

by Furism

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Because once isn't enough and a minute is too long.

Completed from scratch in 24 hours, music, lyrics, artwork, and all.


released May 13, 2017



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: It's Knot Love
Big fat juicy knots
Give it to me all you got
Veiny round and loads of fun
Forever a slave to the cock
Track Name: Butt Of The Joke
Round and round it goes
It’s gonna get pounded, so touch your toes

Crack a smile and back it up
Hol(e)y fuck and hallelujah
I’m in a tight spot, now get ready for the clincher
Track Name: Under Where?
A strapping guy like yourself isn’t likely to keep this brief
Even with a scrap of clothing, boy you look fly

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say you look good in spandex
Holding your package tight, mr alpha ma(i)le
Framing your ass just right, picture that
Sportsman, huh? Looks like we’re both in a jock
Track Name: Sloppy Seconds
Give me a few and you’ll get your sloppy seconds
Don’t want to tick you off, but I gotta watch myself
I could fuck all day, but there’s so much more to do
So I’ll suck your cock quick for round number 2
Track Name: Super Sloppy Thirds
Fuck everything on the schedule
And keep fucking me instead
Only so many hours in a day
and only so much time we can be together
Baby get up on me and keep going til you can’t no more
Track Name: Climbing Bean Stalks
Fee Fi Fo Fummy
I see a daddy who can give me cummies

He’s so thick and he’s so strong
I’ll ride his fat cock all night long
Track Name: 4 Play
What happens in the man cave sprawls out into the living room

Turn the TV off cuz the ball game’s in here
Two pitchers up to bat and two catchers on base
Or if we go to overtime I’ll take it for the whole team
Track Name: To(e)ld You So
Step to me, big guy
Come to my pad
You can nail me, but let me suck your toes first

All shapes and sizes of those muscly man feet is how I get my kicks
Leather and laces got me arching hard
Track Name: Sk8 Fast, Eat Ass
Hit the street, grind and rail
Time to turn some tricks
Skater wolf on deck
Let me show you my Method

Keep it clean if you wanna get dirty
Rim job extraordinaire
Eat that booty, ramp it up
Cruising, doing Ghetto Birds
Track Name: Wet & Wild Willies
I’ve got a killer whale of a tale
Of man cetacean sweethearts
We fucked in the pool in the shallow end
But the cocks went in deep
Track Name: Ode To Yiff
The separation from reality
Sweet, sexy escapism
Men of all shapes and sizes
Dicks and asses all perfect for every taste
Fuel for fantasies and self expression

Physical limitations don’t exist here
It’s all about what’s between your ears
Getting, giving the best of your head
Let the cum flow while your paws do the talking