Sticky Situation

by Furism

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Prism Puppy
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Prism Puppy Yay! I'm so glad you're back. I love your music. ^^ Favorite track: Sticky Situation.
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After a short refractory period, Furism is back. Bigger, harder, and juicier.


released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: Brokeback Mountin'
This town ain’t big enough for the both of us, partner
But your cock is, so ride me to the sunset

Lasso me up and put your sharpshooter in me
Fill me with that true grit
Cowboy cow-boys, put it in reverse
Work it til that back is broke

Is that a snake in your boots
Or are you happy to see me?
No need to execute me , sheriff
I’m already as hung as I can get

Flamers up in blazing saddles
No way this is your first rodeo
Outlaws in each other
Track Name: Handsome Devil
They always told me to yiff in hell
What a hot tip that was
But not as hot as the tips I’m getting now

Meet my new man, his name is Luke E. Fur
Handsome devil he is for sure

Never did much praying down on my knees
Now I get sweet cock for eternity

Reserved for the deepest armpit of hell
Horniest fucker I know
Knots and barbs and hooves, oh my
Please, daddy, stick your pitchfork in me
Track Name: Cum Ease
I’m not your father, but I’ll your daddy
Be a good boy and I’ll give you a spanking

Daddy bird’s gonna ground you
Don’t be chicken, cuz you’ve got a big cock
Woodpecker boy, we’ll go knock knock
berries swinging, limbs are bumping
give papa some of that bird seed

Seems you’re quite the sapsucker
You know how to work with wood

You got the pec(k)s, I’ll take care of the bills
No need to brood
But let’s ruffle each other’s feathers
Track Name: Sticky Situation
Now that you’ve made it stick
I’ve really got the point
Gave that money shot
Even provided a tip

Time to face the facts
Make you the head of the fucking business
Deposit your cream in me
Bulls and bears putting their stock in each other

Finest cut in the meat market
Richly pour, just let it all out
Certainly, nothing tough to swallow
Though the rest of the mess makes a sticky situation
Track Name: 硬い刀


Be my samurai