Totally Sucks

by Furism

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Coming at you for more furry gayness in your grind. <3

Mini CDR available through the ever kawaii Nog Records.


released January 6, 2016



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: Roast Bird
Fuck Netflix and chill
It’s all about bara and BBQ
The thought of it gets me animated
Let’s heat it up and get a spit roast going

Three’s company
So let’s get down to business
Things are gonna get hairy

Bear with me, guys, I want that special sauce
Spicy bird on juicy meat skewers

Ursa duo and bird
Doggie style to the max
Two throbbing cocks in and out
Bringing pleasure and propane
Track Name: 69 MPH
What’s the bright idea?
Running a red light?
But I’m really pulling you over
Cuz I wanna get inside your backseat

A cop, a boar, but I ain’t no pig
Hey there, big bad wolf, won’t you let me in?
I can huff and puff and blow you right here
and lick the cum off my chin chin chin

Let’s hit it and run where we can get rear ended
Fuck all night, I wanna ride your bumper
69 Miles per hour
I’m the one with the handcuffs
But you’re the one who’s put my heart under arrest
Track Name: Phallic Florida
Tipping scales and a bobbing head
Blow me under the orange tree
The key is keeping the perfect rhythm
Feline charm does this ga(y)tor in

Traveled from the north for a little excitement
You came because you know it’s all about what’s down south
Come and get some fresh fruit juice
Welcome to the sunshine state

Panther no pants it’s going down
Getting swamped from this scaly fuckfest
Can you handle a handy on the coast?
Sex by the ocean is a shore thing
Track Name: The First Fucking Time
No one ever forgets their first time
Metal on the stereo, you rocked my world

This bird needed your cock
But I was nervous as fuck
And absolutely I sucked
Shivering with joy at your touch

The beginning of something special
Starting with your dick in the tail end

You never asked for a thing in return
But you sure as hell gave me your bill
Rim and beak job, you blew my mind
I couldn’t ever forget you
Track Name: Sex Dungeons and Man Dragons
Your hands on my head to stay stable
Looks like the buck starts here

Dragon deep throating a unicorn
Two legendarily horny guys

Not looking for gold, the scaly keeps sucking
Longing for the seed of the mythical steed
Hands messaging the shafts, moaning, longing for treasure

Tensing up, the stallion takes his hands
Pulling the dragon close, shove his cock down his throat
Granting his wish with his meat wand

Swallowing the seed, a heavy load down his chin
The horny lizard looks up, and then begins again
Will it ever get old? It’s safe to say, neigh