Valengrind's Day EP

by Furism

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A little something for your 14th. Whether flying solo or tied up with your sweetheart, stay grind. <3


released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved



Groovy, gay yiffgrind. Eros sans Thanatos.

Have fun, you filthy animals!

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Track Name: Holiday For Red Hot Solos
Sunflowers are yellow
Much as is the sun
I’ll spend the 14th
On e621

Thinking long and hard about those 2D hotties
I’ve got the place to myself in a stroke of good luck
Back and forth on my scalie dick
Playing video games and solid snake

I’ll pamper myself, I’ve got all that I need
I don’t need a date because I’m celebrating me

I’ve got plenty of toys cuz I’m a bad bad dragon
In and out that silicone treating me right
Order out a pizza and kick back with a brew
Camping out on the couch and game all night
Track Name: Yiff And Make Up
The bathroom’s a wreck and I can tell that you’re pissed
Am I right on target or is something else amiss?
I don’t like to fight, so how can I make it right?
Let’s kiss and make up and yiff all night

You can blame me baby and show me who’s boss

Get mad, push harder
In and out faster
Punish me

I’ve been a bad, bad dog, haven’t I sweetheart?

That’s it, let it all out
Cum all over me baby, there’s no need to pout
No need to be such a hot head
I’ll blow you real nice as you just chill in bed
Track Name: Valengrind's Day
Blast beat romance
C’mon grind it all up on me
Fuck me like it’s The Last Days of Humanity

Lemme lick your Cock and Balls
The way you tease is truly Torture
I’ve got a Gut feeling I’ll be getting some tail

Feline fiend, but you’re my Cute And Cuddly Kitten
We’re gonna turn this place into a Hentai Cum Dungeon

Beak job baby, I’m your Avian Terror
It’s a Brutal Truth that we’re ValenGRINDs